Features List

Phase 1: Pre-release POC test
Initially we will release software clients for PC and IOS to read race results and send them to the central system.
Our aim is that these can send results with the least amount of extra work for the timer. Most likely there'll be a file save that'll trigger the upload.
For now we plan to support the following time registration software products: If your track uses another software product, please comment on our post on facebook.

Phase 2: First release of online system
Later this year, we'd like to release the Hylian Race Information System as an open beta.
This means that it'll be fully operational and free for everyone to use.
We'll monitor the use and use the knowledge to improve stability and user friendliness.

The system should include following functionalities:
  • User management:
    • Users can create an account by logging in through a social media provider (e.g. google, microsoft, facebook, twitter,...)
    • User data from the old system will be searched to try and link the old data to a new account.
    • An account can contain multiple Person links, to use as dog owner or track official/crew.
    • An account can add, update or retire their own dogs.
    • An account can lookup the history of their own or other dogs.
  • Track management:
    • A user can be given one or multiple roles to manage an organisation (club) and the associated tracks.
    • Information about an organisation can always be looked up.
    • Users can add organisations to their favourites, to get extra notifications when they announce anything.
    • Up-to-date track records can be looked up for each registered track.
  • Pre-race management:
    • Track management can create or cancel a race event and notify users of the system.
    • All events will be displayed on an easy to use calendar.
    • A user can enroll any of their dogs that meet the requirements (e.g. having a valid license) into a race event.
    • For certain events, delegates can be used instead of open registration for a race event (e.g. for FCI WC or EC).
    • Track management can create dogs and their owners for people that do not have an account yet. They can be linked to an account at a later stage like the "old" data mentioned in the User Management section.
    • Track management can enroll dogs in the owner's stead.
    • Track management can appoint users to a "crew" position (e.g. race officials, starter, driver, announcer, timer, ...).
    • Track management can create and populate the races of an event. The system make sure only eligible dogs (breed, sex, class) can participate in a certain race.
    • Track management can print the race day program straight from the system, in different languages if desired.
  • Race day management:
    • Track management can modify, cancel or add races.
    • The track announcer can steer the flow of the race day in it's own segment of the site.
    • The track announcer can pause the result board for judges ruling.
    • The track announcer can use a podium feature to announce the final results to keep the tention.
    • The track administration can always see all races and their results in it's own section', they are not blocked by the podium feature or judge pausing.
    • Users, logged in or not, can follow the flow of the race day with live results. They can also check results of earlier run races
    • Users that own participating dogs can opt to be notified when their dog is due or when races their dog participates in are modified.
    • Results are automatically added through the client software that is improved after the results of the initial pre-release, the results board will update live accordingly.
    • Results can be entered or adjusted manually by people with a certain role.
    • New track records are automatically detected, updated and indicated on the results board.
    • Each track will have a personal url to embed the live results board on their website in a language of their choosing.
    • The track administration can edit a dog's racing license to change the class or withdraw it due to disqualification.
    • The track administration group races and print them as a result sheet.
    • All information about a race day event, including results will be visible in real time from anywhere around the globe.
    • Results can automatically be sent to external systems (e.g. greyhound-data.com). This feature is pending coorperation of external systems.
  • Genral features:
    • The system will be styled and structured with optimal user friendliness on both desktop and mobile devices.
    • Every aspect of the system will be visible in the language of the user's choosing. We will have to rely on volunteers for translations.
    • The system will comply to the GDPR data protection regulations. Users can ask to delete their account and all attached personal data will be annonymised after a set period of time.
    • The system will be developed with a hugefocus on security.
    • Partners of the system or of tracks individually, will have opportunities to advertise on the system. Organisations will be given options to sell advertisements to their partners
    • Tutorial videos and documentation will be accessible on all features. Incomplete during beta period.
Phase 3: Mobile applications
Dedicated applications will be developed for Android and IOS. We aim to support all user facing features of the system like user/dog management, track/organisation info, calendar, race registration and live results.

Future expansions
A lot of features will already be implemented in the first release of the Hylian Race Information System, but we won't stop there.
Here are some possible features we are lookng to add at a later stage.
  • Extra competitions: Originally we will launch for the FCI competition, but we've already made design choices with added competitions in mind.
  • Proffesional features: Added features, like odds calculatios, will be developped when interest from professional tracks arise.
  • Track Aid app: A seperate mobile app (Android and IOS) for track officials during the race. Features in mind for this are:
    • Medical scan: Medical personel can use a mobile device and supported chip scanner (extra purchase) to look up a dog and clear it for race or mark it as injured.
      The system will mark the dog as fully registered or withdrawn accordingly.
    • Paddock scan: The paddock official can use a mobile device and supported chip scanner (extra purchase) to register a dod as arrived for the race.
      The paddock official can immediately see if the dog is supposed to run in the upcomming race and the announcer can see which dogs are still missing.
      Dogs not scanned in by the time the race starts, will automatically have a Did Not Start result.
    • Box draw: With the touch of a button the drawing of the boxes can be done from the app, atomatically taking the type of runner (e.g. wide runner) into account.
      The starter can follow the draw on a mobile device near the box. Possibly, small mobile devices can be set on the boxes as well showing the draw.
    • Jury feature: Jury/turn officials can mark a dog as disturbing for their location.
      The other members of the jury are notified an after discussion, the head jury can confirm or revoke the disqualification.
      The jury pause feature will automatically be triggered and the result will be changed into disqualification if that's the verdict.
  • Download event files: Most time registration software work with some type of event file. We'll generate these files and provide them for download from the system.

If you want to be notified when versions release, can help with tests or translations, have ideas for interesting features or simply want some more info or explanation, contact us at info@hylian.be

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